Directed by Ali Abbasi
Written by Ali Abbasi, Isabella Eklöf and John Ajvide Lindqvist (Let the Right One In)

(Sweden - 2018, 110 min)

  • 91st Academy Awards ®- Swedish Entry for Best Foreign Language Film; Nominee for Best Hair & Make-Up

  • Cannes Film Festival - Winner “Un Certain Regard Grand Prize”

  • European Film Awards - Winner “Best Visual Effects” Nominated for Best Film, Best Director, Best Actress and Best Screenwriters

  • Swedish Guldebagge Film Awards - Winner of Best Film, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Sound Design, and Best Make-up

  • Norwegian Film Awards - Winner “Film Critics Award”

  • Cork Film Festival - Winner “Spirit of the Festival Award”

  • BFI London Film Festival - Official Selection “Dare Gala”

  • Palm Springs Film Festival - Winner “Director to Watch”

  • Hamptons International Film Festival - Honorable Mention “Golden Starfish”

  • Los Angeles Film Festival - Winner “Best Film”

  • Munich Film Festival - Winner “Best Film by an Emerging Director”

Selection of Audience Comments:

o   “automatic Top 10 Movie of All Time ... I've never seen anything like it” 5 stars

o   “goes right to the edge and balances perfectly!” 5 stars

o   “part crime drama, part fantasy, part horror flick, part offbeat love story and part noir thriller all rolled into one … deliciously unusual Swedish offering’ 4 ½ stars

o   “I loved how it drew me into its world … and even managed to make me cry” 4 stars

o    “its thoughtfulness and outlandishness will make it the strangest and weirdest thing you will see at the cinema this year” 4 stars

o   “ beautiful, sad, honest and original” 4 stars

o   “beautiful fantasy love story”

o   “Finally, an original movie”

o   “visceral beauty that is enhanced rather than undermined by imperfection“

o    “astonishing and captivating … superb … masterpiece of a movie”

o   “amazing… can’t give anything away”

o   “beautiful portrait of finding your place and being stuck between worlds”

o   “sleeper hit”

o   “I wanna see it again”

o   “a must-see”

o   “tests the boundaries of humanity”

o   “it will confront you: break your heart and maybe sew it back in the end”

o   “weird and crazy and wonderful”

o   “had me googling Scandinavian mythology for days”

o   “if you see any film this autumn, make it Border”

o   “beautiful movie”

o   “two hours I will never forget”

o   “if your current reality is too much, Border is a great escape”

o   “a lot of fun”

o   “seriously, it’s brilliant”

o   “truly something special”

o   “I laughed, I cried, and couldn’t believe it”

o   “coolest movie”

o   “can’t recommend it highly enough”

o   “one of the most astonishing films I’ve ever seen”

o   “ferocious with excitement”

o   “the best film of its kind since Pan's Labyrinth or Let The Right One In

o   “loved it … surprising, haunting, disturbing and strangely hopeful”

o   “mind-bending”

o   “Yorgos Lanthimos meets David Cronenberg”

o   “weirdest movie of the year … a masterpiece!”

o   “wow, unbelievable movie … surprising, tender, fresh, spooky. Easily the most original movie I've seen”

o   “wild viewing experience”

o   “peculiarly moving and left me deeply impacted”

o   “so beautiful, fun and bonkers”


Released in the UK & Ireland in partnership with MUBI

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Sweden’s entry for the Oscars® and from the writer of Let the Right One In, BORDER is a film like no other. Tina (Eva Melander) is a border guard who has the ability to smell human emotions and catch smugglers. When she comes across a mysterious man with a smell that confounds her detection, she is forced to confront hugely disturbing insights about herself and humankind.

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What the Critics are Saying:

“exciting, intelligent mix of romance, Nordic noir, social realism and supernatural horror that defies and subverts genre conventions” Alissa Simon, Variety

“wonder of a film that’s fantastic in every way” Uproxx

“lives on the edge of several genres while exploring new territories within the realms of love, beauty, and morality to convey what truly sets one apart from being a man or a monster” Slashfilm

“story of self-discovery … outstanding, minutely sensitive performance” Film Comment

“wild, wonderful, surprisingly emotional drama” Awards Watch

“sense something beautiful” Letterboxd

“defies definition while inviting it … takes you to places you won’t forget” Wall Street Journal

“refreshingly offbeat” Los Angeles Times

“strangely engaging” New York Times

“just when you think you've seen it all, along comes Border” AV Club

“cinema magic at its best” Cinemacy

“prepare yourself for something romantic and unpredictable” The Playlist

“Seriously, don’t let anyone tell you anything else. Just go see it.” Now Magazine