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Skate Kitchen

In cinemas across the UK and Ireland from 28 September 2018

Special Previews in SUNDANCE LONDON  on Saturday 2 June and Sunday 3 June
at Picturehouse Central Cinema

Panel discussion with the director Crystal Moselle on 3 June



Skate Kitchen offers something unprecedented in film history: It’s the first movie adapted from an Instagram feed.

Director Crystal Moselle’s narrative debut following her Sundance-winning documentary The Wolfpack cast a real and fearless fall girl skate crew and follows them as they cruise through New York City while wending their way through all the complications of teenage-hood.

"If you’re lucky, you’ll be reading about and even seeing “Skate Kitchen,” from Crystal Moselle (“The Wolfpack), a dreamy female friendship movie about teenage girl skateboarders in New York." (New York Times)

In UK/EIRE cinemas from 28 September 2018


See the SUNDANCE LONDON '18 programme for two special previews (June 2 & 3) and a panel discussion with director Crystal Moselle.